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Editor's Note
The Many Faces of Economic Sanctions
Michael P. Malloy
Learning from the Sanctions Decade
David Cortright and George A. Lopez
American Sanctions against Iran: Practice and Prospects
Gary Sick
Containing Iran: The Necessity of US Sanctions
Patrick Clawson
The Power of the Lobby: AIPAC and US Sanctions against Iran
Hossein Alikhani
Targeting the Powerless: Sanctions on Iraq
Geoff Simons
Ending the Iraq Impasse
Hans von Sponeck
The Helms–Burton Act: Tightening the Noose on Cuba
Joaquín Roy
From Blunt Weapons to Smart Bombs: The Evolution of US Sanctions
Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Barbara Oegg
The Legality of US Sanctions
Benjamin H. Flowe, Jr., and Ray Gold
War, Embargo or Nothing: US Sanctions in Historical Perspective
Daniel W. Fisk
Conflicting Goals: Economic Sanctions and the WTO
Maarten Smeets
Sanctions: A Triumph of Hope Eternal over Experience Unlimited
Ramesh Thakur
Sanctions and Human Rights: Humanitarian Dilemmas
Terence Duffy
Book Review
Religious Terrorism: Aberration or Sacred Duty?

Haim Gordon
Book Review
Genocide in Plain View

Prem Shankar Jha
Book Review
Deconstructing NATO's 'Humanitarian War'

Carl G. Jacobsen