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Editor's Note
Understanding Today’s Genocides: The Snare of Analogy
Martin Shaw
‘He in Whose Interest It Was, Did It’: Lemkin’s Lost Law of Genocide
Tony Barta
The Genocide Convention: Conundrums of Intent and Utility
John Quigley
Challenges of Genocide Intervention
Adam Jones
‘Causing Bodily Harm to Members of the Group’: Rhetorical Phrase or Effective Tool for Prevention?
Caroline Fournet
Building a Non-Genocidal Society
Christopher Powell
European Livestock Farmers and Hunter–Gatherer Societies: A Genocidal Collision
Mohamed Adhikari
The Origins of Genocide against Native Americans: Virginia in the Seventeenth Century
Alfred A. Cave
The Armenian Genocide: A Multi-Dimensional Process of Destruction
Uğur Ümit Üngör
1938 and the Porrajmos: A Pivotal Year in Romani History
Ian Hancock
Racial Ideology, Imperialism, and Nazi Genocide
John Cox
Mass Violence in the Indonesian Transition from Sukarno to Suharto
Katharine McGregor