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Editor's Note
Weak States and the Savage Wars of Peace
David Sogge
Stabilising Fragile States
Joseph Siegle
Engaging Fragile States: Closing the Gap between Theory and Policy
David Carment and Yiagadeesen Samy
Fragile States and Violence: The Limits of External Assistance
Lothar Brock, Hans-Henrik Holm, Georg Sorensen, and Michael Stohl
Goodbye to Good Governance? How Development Discourse Copes with State Failure
Tobias Debiel, Daniel Lambach, and Birgit Pech
The Failing State in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja
Afghanistan: A Seriously Disrupted State
Amin Saikal
Failed-State Status and the War on Drugs in Mexico
Adam David Morton
Giving a State a Bad Name? Kyrgyzstan and the Risk of State Failure
Cai Wilkinson
Bringing State Theory Back In: Why We Should Let Go of ‘Failed States’
Shahar Hameiri
Nation-Building Interventions and National Security: An Australian Perspective
Michael G. Smith and Rebecca Shrimpton
Book Review
Ending in Tears: Britain's Uneasy Relationship with Cyprus

Rachael Gillett