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Editor's Note
Latin America’s Leftward Turn
Diana Raby
Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution
Julia Buxton
Crisis in Bolivia: Evo Morales, MAS and Elite Resistance to Change
Andreas Tsolakis
Rafael Correa and the Struggle for a New Ecuador
Jennifer N. Collins
All Change in Paraguay: The Promise of Fernando Lugo
Richard Gott
Indigenous Peoples and the Left: Tentative Allies
Donna Lee Van Cott
Brazil’s Landless and the Revolt against Neo-liberalism
Harry E. Vanden
Bachelet’s Chile: Business as Usual?
Peter Siavelis
From Néstor to Cristina: Argentina and the Kirchners
Mark P. Jones and Juan Pablo Micozzi
The Costs of Indifference: Latin America and the Bush Era
Omar G. Encarnación
Uribe’s Colombia
James J. Brittain
Cuba after Fidel: Continuity and Change
Antoni Kapcia
Book Review
Strugglers for a Decent Colombia

Terry Gibbs
Book Review
Bonaparte in Egypt: Precursor to Bush

Warren I. Cohen