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Editor's Note
China’s Return to Global Glory
Edward Friedman
Engagement or Protectionism? US Policy towards China
James A. Dorn
China and the United States: Learning to Live Together
Zhiqun Zhu
China’s Economic Transformation
Shalendra D. Sharma
China’s Reformists: From Liberalism to the ‘Third Way’
Gloria Davies
Nationalism and Democratisation in Contemporary China
Feng Chongyi
An Inadequate Metaphor: The Great Firewall and Chinese Internet Censorship
Lokman Tsui
China and Africa: Dynamics of an Enduring Relationship
Garth le Pere
China’s Role in Central Asia: Soft and Hard Power
Niklas Swanström
Islam in China: Beijing’s Hui and Uighur Challenge
Dru C. Gladney
Persians and Greeks: Hollywood and the Clash of Civilisations

Kaveh L. Afrasiabi
Book Review
Choosing Chinas: Friend or Foe?

James H. Nolt
Book Review
Israel’s Glass Wall

Oren Ben-Dor