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Editor's Note
Putting Bush to the Test: The Caucasus and Democracy Promotion
Ian Bremmer
US–Russian Rivalry in the Caucasus: Towards a New Cold War?
Mohammad Soltanifar
Under Iranian Eyes: The Challenge of the Caucasus
Hooman Peimani
Balancing the Balancer: Russia, the West, and Conflict Resolution in Georgia
Cory Welt
Ethnicity and State-Building in Georgia and the Caucasus
George Tarkhan-Mouravi
The War in Chechnya: A Regional Time Bomb
Svante E. Cornell
Ingushetia as Microcosm of Putin’s Reforms
Matthew Evangelista
The North Caucasian Crucible
Robert Bruce Ware
Putin’s War on Terrorism: A Strategic Dead End
Pavel K. Baev
Armenia’s Political Transition in Historical Perspective
Robert O. Krikorian
The Geopolitics of the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict
Fariz Ismailzade
Turkey and the South Caucasus
Bulent Aras
Of Jihad, Terrorism, and Pacifism: Scripting Islam in the Transnational Sphere

Asma Afsaruddin
Book Review
Cyprus and the Spiral of Empathy

Olga Demetriou
Book Review
Informing the Public or Cheerleading for War?

Naomi Sakr
Book Review
Fashioning an Israel–Palestine Solution: A Lawyer’s Dilemma

John Quigley