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Editor's Note
The Orphans of Modernity and the Clash of Civilisations
Khaled Abou El Fadl
The West and Islam: A Return to War?
M. Shahid Alam
US Foreign Policy in the Wake of 11 September
Van Coufoudakis
The War on Terrorism: A Threat to Freedom and the Rule of Law
Michael Ratner
The American Paradox: More Freedom, Less Democracy
Robert Jensen
‘Terrorism’: The Word Itself Is Dangerous
John V. Whitbeck
Violence, Terrorism and Fundamentalism: Some Feminist Observations
Valentine M. Moghadam
America and the Taliban: From Co-operation to War
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
Iran and the Challenge of 11 September
Seyyed Mohammad Kazem Sajjad-Pour
Mistake, Farce or Calamity? Pakistan and Its Tryst with History
Kamran Asdar Ali
The Convulsions of Kashmir: South Asia after 11 September
Vijay Prashad
British Muslims: Within and between Islam and the West
Tariq Modood
Review Essay
A Distorted Picture of the Islamic World

Juan R. I. Cole
Book Review
The Military Roots of Western Hegemony

Douglas M. Peers
Book Review
Understanding 11 September

Salim Yaqub
Book Review
The Taliban: An Anatomy

William Maley
Book Review
The Black Book of Humanity

Haim Gordon