Global Dialogue


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Editor's Note
The Burden of the Past
Clive Ponting
Earth, Wind, Water and Fire: Resource Exploitation in the Twentieth Century
J. R. McNeill
Ecological Displacement and Transnational Environmental Justice
Paul Wapner
Confronting Environmental Racism in the Twenty-First Century
Robert D. Bullard
How Much Should a Person Consume?
Ramachandra Guha
'If We Are Not Getting into Trouble, We Are Not Being Effective'
INTERVIEW: George Monbiot
The Perils of Panglossism
Ernest Partridge
Climate Change: The Need for Action
Dinyar Godrej
Preserving the Forests: The Promise of Community Control
Roger D. Stone and Claudia D’Andrea
Justifying Sustainable Development: A Continuing Ethical Search
Holmes Rolston III
Ecofeminism, Lifeboat Ethics and Illegal Immigration
Victoria Davion
The Animal Invitation: Extending Human Rights to Other Apes
Paul Waldau and Sarah Whitman
REVIEW ESSAY: Ten Pinches of Salt: A Reply to Bjorn Lomborg
Tom Burke
Book Review
Debunking the Myth of a Lost Eden

Martin Hellicar
Book Review
A Social Contract for the Future

Mike McMullen
Book Review
Water Wars?

Hussein A. Amery