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Editorís Note
Theocracy or Democracy? The Choice Facing Khatami
Eric Rouleau
Iran under Khatami: Deadlock or Change?
Mark J. Gasiorowski
Civil Society and Democratisation during Khatamiís First Term
Hossein Bashiriyeh
The Reform Movement: Background and Vulnerability
Abbas Abdi
Opponents of Reform: Tradition in the Service of Radicalism
Kamran Giti
Iranís New Order: Domestic Developments and Foreign Policy Outcomes
Anoushiravan Ehteshami
Geopolitics and Reform under Khatami
Pirouz Mojtahed-Zadeh
The Future of USĖIran Relations
Gary Sick
Iran and Europe: Trends and Prospects
Ahmad Naghibzadeh
Iran and the Caucasus: The Triumph of Pragmatism over Ideology
Svante E. Cornell
Iranís Turbulent Neighbour: The Challenge of the Taliban
Amin Saikal
Khatamiís Economic Record: Small Bandages on Deep Wounds
Jahangir Amuzegar
The Voice of Reform: Iranís Beleaguered Press
Mohammad Soltanifar
Screening Iran: The Cinema as National Forum
Richard Tapper
Book Review
OPEC under the Microscope

Walid Khadduri
Book Review
Racism: A Scandinavian Case-Study

John Solomos
Book Review
Asian Values, Asian Rights

Jack Donnelly