Global Dialogue


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Editor's Note
Symposium: Islam, Iran and the Dialogue of Civilisations
Mohammad Khatami, Josef van Ess and Hans Kung
Perceiving Diversity Aright: A Boon, Not a Threat
Giandomenico Picco
Huntington’s Dangerous Paradigm
Mohsen M. Milani and Michael Gibbons
Pretender to Universalism: Western Culture in a Globalising Age
Ali A. Mazrui
Dialogue: The Need for Theory
R. K. Ramazani
From Dialectics to Dialogue: Reflections on Intercivilisational Relations
Hossein Bashiriyeh
A Gadamerian Perspective on Civilisational Dialogue
Fred Dallmayr
Lessons in Dialogue: The Israeli–Palestinian Experience
Haim Gordon
Building a Culture of Understanding: The Role of the University
Hans van Ginkel
Globalisation and Pluralism
Victor Segesvary
The United Nations and the Idea of Dialogue among Civilisations
Kaveh L. Afrasiabi
Towards a Fourth Civilisation: The Dawning of the Informatic Age
Majid Tehranian
Book Review
East Timor’s Bloody Road to Independence

John G. Taylor
Book Review
Illuminating the Murky World of the Small-Arms Dealers

Ian Davis
Book Review
The Lessons of European Migration

Liza Schuster